All the small pieces must fall into its place perfectly to create a masterpiece and to achieve that we have built a studio of leather craft that is a symphony of man and machine; Where artisans with years of expertise work with cutting edge technology to make Leather Shoes, Wallets, Bags and Belts that epitomizes excellence.
The Multi-storied industrial green building of Craftsman Footwear and Accessories Ltd. is situated at Jugirchit, Kaoraid, Sreepur, Gazipur. The Building complex consists of 3 Dedicated production areas on 3 individual floors. Ground Floor provides 3 separate entries each with a very particular use- one serving as main entrance, one as service entry and the third one as a dedicated loading dock. The strategic location of the 2 separate cores provides easy vertical circulation ensuring free flowing movement of workers, Raw materials and goods. Each floor has separate office production zone which helps to run the operation smoothly . There’s also a water body on the ground floor to enhance the beauty of the building. Fire control system has been given the highest priority to ensure the safety of our staff. Adequate fire control measures. The location of vertical circulation ensures quick evacuation process in case of any emergency. Dining Hall, Prayer Room and breakout space are on the top floor that also comes with a view to help the staff relax in between work.