Lux Leather, which is often referred to as Luxe leather, refers to those leather products which are of highest quality by nature. So Premium Lux Leather in any sense is a notch above luxury. Lux Leather must be full grain with barely any natural imperfections resulting in a leather that is both soft and also strong.

Now the burning question should be how would you recognize Lux Leather. Well, to know a true Lux Leather, you will need to check if it is both durable and soft. It is also important to know how full grain leather differs from top grain leather, split grain leather and bonded leather. Full grain leather, the core component of Lux Leather, retains it natural toughness as none of the layers of the animal’s skin are stripped or sanded away during production process. To put things into perspective, top grain leather is only the thin upper layer of the skin that is hardly durable whereas split grain leather is the bottom layer of the skin that makes for the production of suede and nubuck; bonded leather is the bottom of the pile and it really is low quality leather stuck on to another surface like cardboard.

We use Premium Lux Leather in all our top of the line products and we urge you to check the descriptions in our website to know the type of leather that has been used in your product of consideration. But if you really want to become a leather connoisseur, we recommend that you check the product for any discolorations, lumps, physical imperfections or cracks in the hide. The stitching should be straight and taut. And for the full sensory experience, smell the leather; if it has the obvious leather smell rather than zero odor or smell of chemicals, then rejoice as you have a piece of fine full grain Lux Leather in your hands.